Longing For a New Handbag?

Why Stop At One?

It’s a thought-provoking fact, but did you know that the average woman owns 7 handbags?

Whether you have a preference for totes, shoulder bags, a lovely clutch, satchel or a shopper, there are so many styles this season from boxy to slouchy, and you can afford them all. There’s no reason to be ordinary when you can elevate your style status so simply. Each and every bag you choose to carry says so much about you; let your handbag do the talking.

Why Do Women Adore Handbags So Much?

Every season new styles spring to life. Different handles, sizes, clasps and fabrics all tell a different personal story; they’re the quiet achiever in your fashion lifestyle. A handbag ties your look together but can say so much more.

Every woman has their own unique personal taste. The beauty of your individual style is that your choice in a bag can change who you are, and what you symbolise in one easy move.

Your bag should make you feel magnificent; it’s a symbol of your most fantastic put-together self. Each different piece should inspire your inner fabulousness, depending on the occasion. You can be a fashion chameleon with a tiny clutch for a hot dinner date, to a roomy tote for your sightseeing trip. You might have an important event, style it simply with clothing, dress it up with your bag.

When piles of clothes lay sadly unworn in your wardrobe whilst your mind screams “I’ve nothing to wear,” a hip and funky handbag will instantly update a boring outfit, from grandma to rock chick. Perhaps you are a classy dresser but are keen to let your inner goddess shine. Choose a beautiful new bag to demonstrate that secret, wild side you usually keep under wraps.

Expensive Isn’t Better- It’s Just Expensive

Bags are often seen as a symbol of prosperity for some, but why spend a month’s salary on one single item? You don’t have to live on noodles for six months to make a strong style statement.

Affordable is a beautiful word!

When you play around with different fabrics, textures, size and style of handbags, every girl has the chance to keep up with current trends, change fashion style on a whim and take into account the different vibe of the day.

Buying an affordable bag doesn’t mean sacrificing quality either. Many of today’s more economically-priced handbags are made in the same place as prohibitively expensive pieces, those with a five-digit price tag.

It’s easy to follow the crowd, longing for the it-bag of the moment, saving hard and buying only one. Why do this when you can buy several low-cost alternatives in different shapes and sizes? It’s easier to create your own unique look with a little bit of variety and choice.

Handbags do a lot of hard work. Keeping your life organised, carrying you from day to evening, spicing up your look and taking you from a serious event to a wild night with the girls. Each and every piece tells the world who you are, so set your individuality free.