What Your Handbag Style Reveals About Your Personality

How many different styles of handbag can you name?

It’s a great question, because believe it or not, bag styles and the fabrics they’re made from do say a lot about the type of woman you are and why you like the things you do.

Consider the clutch.

A girl whose bag of choice is a clutch has a strong confident personality. She likes to go to dinner or a fabulous night out with only the bare essentials. She has nothing to hide and needs very little to remain her sophisticated outgoing self. Here’s one woman who is unforgettable, even more so if she makes a bold choice of fabric, like silk or vibrant sequin detail.

A satchel style is a classic, with versatility and practicality. Taking you from college, to work and everywhere in between this bag is for the girl who needs to get from A to B, with her all-important notes. This girl is usually organised and prepared for work or class. Carrying this bag means she can find everything with ease and if her bag is made from real leather, you know she’s sensible with her money and likes to see things last.

If you’re the girl with the tote bag, then you can rest assured that you’ll exude a casual aesthetic. Teamed with a simple pair of jeans and a tee, you like to keep it down-to-earth, there’s nothing artificial here. Ideal for a trip to the beach or a day’s boating on the river. Your look will be spot on and there’ll always be room for the wine and sandwiches too.

A backpack will always be the go-to choice for the girl who keeps fashion firmly in place. She doesn’t dislike fashion but does need to be comfortable as she dreams of keeping on the move, even if it’s simply a walk in the park. This girl likes to be organised and has the essentials on hand, including a large bottle of water, a book to read and her favourite sweater.

Should your choice of bag be a Birkin-style shoulder bag, it’s highly likely you dream of being the next it-girl, or fashion model. Large enough to carry each and every fashion essential including your entire makeup bag, this style clearly says ‘status symbol’. Whilst slung over the shoulder, or more quirkily over the crook of the elbow, you’re never seen without a cup of take-out coffee and you dream of long days in New York City. In your heart, you secretly wish you were Carrie Bradshaw.

The simple wallet-sized bag is a loud statement in and of itself. Practical to a ‘T’, with room only for cards, coins and a few notes, the wallet-sized choice indicates a girl who has nothing to hide. She doesn’t worry about the future or accidents happening, she’s filled with a simple Joie de vivre, and nothing can change that minimalistic simplicity.

Of course, it is possible to own each and every one of these bag styles and possess elements of each of the different personality traits. No woman is one-dimensional and has as many moods and feelings as there are bag styles.

A life well-lived gives an opportunity for a vast range of interesting activities and experiences, and a well-chosen bag can take you a long way towards living each occasion to the full.

So which one is your favourite?

Here’s the Luminous Geometric Tote Bag to start you thinking.